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The RE Podcast Interviews Eran Dror

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The RE Podcast Interviews Eran Dror

This week, we're sharing an interview I did recently with Louisa Jane Smith, host of the RE Podcast!

Join us as I go from host to guest, and discuss AI consciousness, Buddhism, sense of self, the future of religion, the ethics of algorithms, and religion for Atheists.

We also discuss:

  • What it means to be human.

  • What our needs and our weaknesses are.

  • And what…

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The Dance
Remake is a podcast about Design, Systems, and Society. And I'm Eran Dror, a product designer and researcher of eastern religions. In each episode I interview someone who’s trying to change our lives for the better in some meaningful way, whether through a new product, new venture, or new way of looking at the world, and I try to understand how they came to it, what makes them tick, and what we all can learn from them.
I truly believe Design is strategic, that it goes to the core, that it's at the root of what it means to be human. In this show we explore an expansive view of design, and cover Systems Thinking, Social Innovation, Secular spirituality, and the future.